Uncomplicated and transparent…

Our team grows constantly. Therefore, we are always looking for good people who fit into our team. For us it doesn’t matter, if you are still a student, if you have just graduated or if you are already a professional with several years of experience.


You appreciate an uncomplicated first contact? We, too.

If you are interested in a career at Media Solutions or in one of the advertised positions, let us just talk about it. A first informal contact via e-mail or telephone is often a good starting point to answer questions, give more detailed information and to provide you with a first impression.


Non-transparent and lengthy processes? Not with us.

You can send us your application documents by e-mail (preferred) or by regular mail. You can be sure, that normally you will receive an answer within one week. By the way, this also applies to unsolicited applications.


Our application and selection process comprises the following elements:

  • A detailed phone conversation to get to know each other and to exchange the most important basic information
  • A personal meeting at our office to present Media Solutions and a Q&A session
  • A guest day


An overall cycle time of about 2 – 5 weeks for the entire procedure is realistic. For us it is very important that there is a phone call shortly after each phase in order to give feedback and to discuss further steps, if applicable.


What does the selection process look like?

Fair, sound and at eye-level. The conversations as well as the guest day shall be as informative as possible for you as an applicant and for us as an employer. An open and clear communication is therefore indispensable. We thus take our time and – during the guest day - also give you the possibility to have a look behind the scenes. For both parties, this is the only way to guarantee a sound assessment of the situation and a possible match. From our point of view this is essential for such an important decision.


Entry accomplished and then?

An experienced colleague, your mentor, supports you during your familiarization phase at Media Solutions and the introduction to professional topics and projects. Exactly like you, we are vitally interested in a good start for you, so that you can successfully and productively take over your first specific tasks as soon as possible.