[February 2018]

For an increasing number of employees, the compatibility of family and career is an important concern. Often, however, this desire also involves challenges. For this reason, various Bavarian institutions (such as the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Bavarian State Government) have joined forces to form a joint partnership, the Bavarian Family Pact. This partnership aims to continuously improve the compatibility of family and career, to anchor it in companies and to support them in doing so.

The Bavarian Family Pact, amongst other things, pursues the following objectives:

  • Structural support in child care and the care of relatives
  • flexible, family-friendly working environment -> the focus should be more on the work result and less on the time worked
  • creating the awareness that taking responsibility in the family can also be a competence for one’s job
  • Online information portal -> presentation of numerous measures for a better work-life balance, possibility to call up information, offers, best practice examples and practical models
  • establishment of a joint service center for companies and members of the partnership


As a company, and especially in our role as an employer, it is of particular concern to us to enable all our employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working hours, home office, part-time models or kindergarten subsidies are just a few of the opportunities we offer our team to better be capable of managing the balancing act between family and career.

A sustainable anchoring of this concept in our corporate culture and a consistent pursuit of these goals are a matter of course for us. Our employees are our most valuable resource, which is why our interest in current information on the subject of family and career, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with other employers, is of course very big. Additionally, we have committed ourselves to making our contribution to the preservation and continuous improvement of family-friendly measures.

We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to announce today that we have recently become a member of the Bavarian Family Pact ourselves.

Detailed information on the Bavarian Family Pact can be found here: www.familienpakt-bayern.de.