The entire Media Solutions team welcomes Nicolas Ott as a new member of our team. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce him in more detail.


Mr. Ott works for us as Senior Consultant ServiceNow. He will support our ServiceNow team in the developing of concepts, as well as in the implementation and designing of ServiceNow applications, workflows and prototyps. Furthermore, he will also help with consulting, best-practice approaches and their implementation at our customers'.


  Nicolas Ott - Senior Consultant ServiceNow

Why Media Solutions?
"I have been in the IT consulting business for over 12 years now; I´ve been working for both, manufacturers (including ServiceNow) and customers, which enabled me to gain a comprehensive overview of the different needs and expectations. Media Solutions offers me the opportunity to apply and deepen my knowledge on my own responsibility in many different areas."



We wish him an excellent start at Media Solutions.